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DegreeWorks - Substitution/Waiver Process

The Degree Works Substitution/Waiver Form is completed to request that:

  • a requirement in a student’s academic program be met by a transfer course even though not considered equivalent to a VCU course
  • a requirement in a student’s academic program be met by a VCU course not usually applied to meet the requirement
  • a requirement in a student’s academic program be waived on some clearly detailed basis (does not waive overall credit hour requirement or award credit hours)
  • a student’s effective bulletin be changed to a subsequent bulletin. Effective bulletin may be adjusted for a student’s major and concentration (if applicable) or minor

To obtain the Degree Works Substitution/Waiver form, advisers should contact their Degree Works Project Management Team representative or the Assistant/Associate Dean for their unit.

How is this process initiated and completed?
A representative (usually the student’s adviser, sometimes the chair) from the department of the student’s academic program completes the form. Approval is then required from the student’s dean’s office, usually an assistant or associate dean. Waivers of University Core Education Curriculum requirements also require the approval of the dean’s office of the University College, usually an associate dean. The form ultimately is received by the Degree Audit Office where it is processed in Degree Works.


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