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Advisers only (students do not have this functionality): When running a Degree Audit for a student using Degree Works, be sure that the first thing you do is click the “Process New” button to give you the most current audit.

Help 1

After that is complete you should see that the “Last Audit” date has been changed to “Today”.

Help 2

Advisers only (students do not have this functionality): The “Last Refresh” date refers to the date and time the student’s Banner data (grade change, course attributes, catalog years, change of major, etc.) was last updated in Degree Works. If the student has had some data change in Banner since the shown “Last Refresh” date/time, you will need to perform a “Banner Refresh” using the button to the right of the “Last Refresh” box.  Sometimes this process can take up to 3 minutes to complete, please be patient.

Help 3

When you click the button you’ll be given a pop-up message informing you of the last time the student’s Banner data had been refreshed.  Click “OK”.

Help 4

When it’s complete you’ll get a pop-up message informing you, and the date and time under Last Refresh will be updated. Click OK.

Help 5

Click “Process New” one more time to make sure you have an updated audit with the new Banner data as well.

The data appearing in the student header matches that which is stored in Banner. If you still don’t see the correct major/concentration and/or minor, please contact Records & Registration or submit a Change of Major/Minor/Concentration form.

If the audit still does not appear to be correct, please check the following to make sure the correct information is being displayed.

1 .The correct Major/Minor

Help 6

2. The correct Effective Catalog (and that the student is being advised from the correct one).

Help 7

3. If a student is pursuing multiple majors, do check that the correct degree is being selected from the dropdown “Degree” menu located to the right of the student’s name.

Help 8

Advisers only: If a substitution or waiver request is necessary, we ask that you fill out a Substitution/Waiver form and submit it to the Degree Audit office.  If you have any questions locating the form please contact your Degree Works Project Management Team representative.  For more serious concerns such as degree requirements being incorrectly portrayed, please submit a REDCap survey including a detailed explanation of the issue.

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