Virginia Commonwealth University

Student Financial Responsibility

Students who attend Virginia Commonwealth University assume the responsibility of:

  • Full payment of tuition and fees generated from their registration
  • Full payment of all charges for housing and dining services, and other applicable miscellaneous charges
  • Keeping a current address on file with Enrollment Services (Refunds and tax forms are not issued to students with inactive mailing addresses.)
  • Establishing an official VCU e-mail address and reading their e-mail on a regular basis, since e-mail will be used to notify students when their bills are available in the Billing and Payment Web site

The university does not mail paper bills to enrolled students.  Failure to acknowledge and review the electronic bill does not relieve responsibility for timely payments.  Other important notifications are also sent to the official VCU e-mail address.

The university reserves the right to revise or alter all tuition and fees, regulations pertaining to student tuition and fees, and tuition and fee collection procedures whenever such revisions or alterations are deemed necessary.

Past Due Accounts

Until all balances owed to the university have been paid, students with past due accounts will have a hold placed on their account and will:

  1. Not be allowed to register for future classes;
  2. not be allowed to receive their diplomas;
  3. not be issued official transcripts of grades or grade reports.

Past due accounts will be referred to the VCU Collection Unit. Pursuant to sec. 2.2-4805 et seq., of the Code of Virginia, and in accordance with the rules and regulations promulgated by the State Comptroller and Attorney General of the commonwealth of Virginia, VCU will charge interest, costs and fees on all past due accounts.

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Set-off Debt Collection Act

Under the provisions of this act, an individual's Virginia income tax refund will be subject to the university's claim for any unpaid balance of tuition and fees.